Account Management - Overview

Welcome to the Dexatel Account Management API documentation. This API is designed to streamline the management of your Dexatel account, providing a comprehensive set of tools for overseeing account details, managing team members, and accessing specific account information with ease. Through this API, you gain the ability to automate and integrate account management features into your systems, enhancing operational efficiency and control over your communication solutions.

Key Features

  • Retrieve Account Details: Access comprehensive information about your account, including account status, configuration settings, and usage statistics.
  • Manage Teammates: Obtain a list of all the teammates associated with your account, allowing for efficient management of user roles and permissions.
  • Retrieve Specific Account Details: By providing a unique ID, you can retrieve detailed information about a specific account, enabling targeted management and support.

How It Works

  1. Authentication: Begin by authenticating your API requests using your Dexatel API key to ensure secure access to account management functions.
  2. Retrieve Account Details: Use the API to access detailed information about your account, helping you to monitor and adjust your communication strategies as needed.
  3. Manage Teammates: Efficiently manage your team by retrieving a list of all teammates, adding new members, or updating the roles and permissions of existing members.
  4. Access Specific Account Information: For targeted management, provide a unique ID to retrieve detailed information about specific accounts, facilitating personalized support and configuration.
  5. Integration: Integrate these account management capabilities into your administrative dashboard or management systems for streamlined access and control.


  • Centralized Control: Gain centralized oversight of your account and team, simplifying the management of your communication infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure secure access to your account and sensitive information by managing user roles and permissions effectively.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automate and integrate account management tasks to reduce manual effort and improve operational workflows.
  • Customized Support: Access specific account details for targeted management and support, enhancing service quality and responsiveness.
  • Strategic Insights: Leverage detailed account information to make informed decisions about your communication strategies and resource allocation.

Efficient account management is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your communication strategies. The Dexatel Account Management API provides the tools you need to manage your account and team with ease and precision. If you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for any inquiries or support needs. Together, we can ensure your account management is as effective and streamlined as possible.