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Welcome to the Dexatel Developers' hub, your one-stop destination to seamlessly integrate Dexatel's powerful communication solutions into your applications. Our API provides you with extensive capabilities to send messages worldwide, manage contacts, and leverage omnichannel communication features efficiently.

Why Dexatel API?

Dexatel offers a robust suite of communication tools designed to enhance your outreach and engagement strategies. Whether you're looking to send bulk SMS messages, manage contacts, or automate communication flows, our API facilitates a direct connection to our platform, ensuring reliability, scalability, and high performance.

Available Resources

Verification Solutions

  • SMS Verify API - Enable secure user authentication and verification processes through one-time passwords (OTPs) sent via SMS, enhancing security and user experience with cost-efficient text messaging.
  • WhatsApp Verify API - Leverage the widespread use of WhatsApp for user verification by sending OTPs directly to WhatsApp, providing a familiar and accessible platform for users to receive authentication messages.
  • Viber Verify API - Utilize Viber for user verification to send OTPs, offering an alternative messaging platform that caters to users' preferences and extends your verification processes to a broader audience.

Contacts and Messaging

  • Senders - Manage your messaging identity with customizable sender IDs, allowing your business to establish brand presence and recognition across various messaging channels.
  • Messaging - Engage with your audience through Dexatel's messaging solutions, offering instant mass messaging capabilities for efficient and effective communication across multiple channels.
  • Templates - Create and utilize message templates for various communication needs, ensuring consistency, compliance, and efficiency in your messaging campaigns.
  • Contact Management - Import, organize, and manage your contacts easily, enabling precise audience targeting and personalized communication strategies.

Additional Features

  • Account Management - Access comprehensive account management features, allowing for personalized setup, implementation, and oversight of your communication strategies.
  • Webhooks - Implement webhooks to receive real-time notifications and updates about events such as message delivery statuses, enhancing your application's responsiveness and data processing capabilities.
  • Media Files - Incorporate media files in your messaging, enriching your communication with images, videos, and documents to increase engagement and message effectiveness.
  • URL Shortener - Shorten URLs to make them more manageable and trackable within messages, providing insights into click-through rates and the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Sign Up

Begin by creating a Dexatel account. Visit our Sign Up page to register. Upon registration, you'll gain access to the Dexatel dashboard, where you can manage your account and access your unique API key.

Step 2: Authenticate

Authentication is crucial for interacting with the Dexatel API. We use API keys to ensure secure access. Include your API key in the header of every request you make:

X-Dexatel-Key: YOUR_API_KEY

Step 3: Make Your First Request

Get started with a simple API call to send an SMS:

POST /v1/messages
Content-Type: application/json
X-Dexatel-Key: YOUR_API_KEY

  "to": "recipient_number",
  "from": "your_registered_number",
  "text": "Hello from Dexatel API!"

Let's Build Together

We're excited to see what you'll build with the Dexatel API. Explore, innovate, and transform your communication strategies with the power of Dexatel at your fingertips.